Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fiesta Veggie Wraps

After an exceptionally busy day at the office I felt a little wilted and wondered what I would feed my family for dinner.  Three months ago I would have placed on online order with Domino's and stopped by to pick up a barbecue chicken pizza.  But things have changed.  Thankfully my daughter had a better plan -- Fiesta Veggie Wraps!

There's nothing magic about these tasty and nutritious wraps.  Just gather together some of your favorite ingredients and get creative!  Remember, it's all about whole foods, variety, and flavor.  We've provided a few photos to get you started.


Whole wheat tortillas
Avocado (mashed) or Hummus
Black beans
Whole kernel corn
Lettuce (we used spinach we had on hand)
Sweet peppers (Joy didn't have them, but I did)
Salsa (on the tortilla and/or with chips)
Banana pepper slices, onions (not pictured)

1.  Chop / dice / shred ingredients as desired
2.  Load up a tortilla with ingredients of your choice
3.  Enjoy!


Copyright 2016 by Dee Dee Wike and Joy Wike. All rights reserved.

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