Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hair Color Product Review -- Naturtint

Several weeks ago Joy and I decided that we would color our hair upon completion of the 30-Day Vegan Challenge, for fun and to celebrate our new lifestyle. Since we are trying to replace our personal care and cosmetic products with cruelty-free ones, we chose Naturtint Permanent Hair Color.  Our goal was not only to have a little fun but also post a product review that might be of use to others looking for a more natural hair color product not tested on animals.

What we loved about Naturtint:
  • It is a plant-based formula "with a botanical base, that is eco-friendly, ammonia-free, paraben-free, and vegan friendly" (Source: http://www.naturtintusa.com). 
  • It does not have the harsh chemical smell of drug-store or salon brands.
  • It did not irritate our scalps. 
  • It was packaged with both a shampoo and a conditioner.
  • The shades are mixable.
  • It was easy to apply.

What we didn't love about Naturtint (on our first try):
  • Our color choices did not turn out as blonde as the photos on the packaging, BUT Joy was pleased with how well it lightened her roots and I was pleased that the color I selected did a decent job of evening out my color and covering my gray.  [Note:  Joy started out with quite dark hair and my hair was very gray (nearly white in front) with dark hair "peppered" in the back.]
  • The price.  At nearly $18 a box, it is more expensive than drug store brands; however, we are willing to pay the price knowing that the product is manufactured without animal testing.

Where we purchased Naturtint:
  • Naturtint is available online and in some retail stores. We were able to purchase our product locally at Health Trail Natural Foods and discovered that it is also available at Whole Foods in Newport News.

Our first impression and results:
Having been gray for a LONG time I was hesitant to color my hair.  I have tried many commercial hair color products through the years, but never with consistency due to the harsh chemicals they contained and the frequency of reapplication required to keep the color looking good. The thought of trying a "permanent" hair color was a little scary.  However, after reading the reviews for Naturtint I knew I wanted to give the product a try.

Joy wanted to go much lighter, back to the blonde of her childhood.  I simply wanted to cover my gray to help achieve a more youthful look consistent with the way I feel, but not using a color so dark that the look would be a harsh contrast.  Although I had intended to go with the darker Wheat Germ Blonde pictured here, that shade was sold out at the store where we purchased our hair color so I opted for the next lighter shade, Honey Blonde.  Joy went with Light Dawn Blonde.  Our before and after shots are shown below.

Before:  Dark Brown  -- After: Light Dawn Blonde

Before: Salt & Pepper -- After: Honey Blonde
Will we use Naturtint again? Definitely, especially since we have found a cruelty-free product that is ammonia-free! Joy will continue to lighten her hair and if blondes really do have more fun, I may try the Wheat Germ Blonde next time or mix it with the Honey Blonde pictured above.

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