Monday, August 29, 2016

Doing Right in a World Gone Wrong

So much in my life has changed in the five months since I stopped eating meat. I have lost twenty pounds, seen a dramatic improvement in my cholesterol numbers, and experienced the virtual elimination of acid reflux for which I was taking medication twice daily. I have met new friends, embraced new challenges, and discovered a happiness and sense of well-being I never knew existed. Most importantly, though, I have discovered that it is possible to do right in a world gone terribly wrong.

With all the social injustice in the world, not to mention our own personal struggles, many of us just float along on the river of life hoping that someone will throw us a rope and pull us out of our whirlpool of woe. Guess what? That's not how life works. It is up to us to take a stand and fight for what is right in order to effect positive change. Change doesn't just happen.

As Joy and I have partnered to educate others regarding the health, environmental, and ethical aspects of a vegan lifestyle it has occurred to us that this is how we will do right in a world gone wrong. We can't end sex trafficking or win the war on drugs. But we can show others -- by education and example -- that veganism is a better and more compassionate way of living which will have the positive results of alleviating needless suffering of abused farm animals, increasing physical health, and helping the environment. In my mind, that's reason enough to be vegan.

What are you doing to make this world a better place? Whatever your passion -- your cause -- go after it with everything in you! Dare to live out loud, make a difference, and be a game changer. You will never find a better reason to get up in the morning than knowing you have the power to effect positive change!

Copyright 2016 by Dee Dee Wike and Joy Wike. All rights reserved.

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