Sunday, November 27, 2016

Don't Judge Me

"Don't judge me." Those are words that reverberate in my mind quite often, both as a reminder to not judge others and a desire to not be judged.

Everybody justs wants to be understood. We want our motives to be clear and our message to be communicated in such a way that we don't offend or hurt others. Or maybe we do hope to hit a nerve, thinking that person will get mad enough to do something about whatever it is that offends them.

I have many friends and family who simply don't get my decision to go vegan. No doubt they view my posts and my activism as a threat or condemnation for their decision not to change lifelong habits or to embrace change. I get that. But nothing could be further from the truth. I'll be the first to admit that change can be difficult, but often that which we fear is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

My decision to go vegan stems from the realization that I can do better for my health, the welfare of animals, and the environment. My motivation for sharing the things I do is quite simply that I was in the dark for most of my life, unaware of my contribution to the abuse of animals, damage to the environment, and deterioration of my physical health, all because of my dietary choices. I am a firm believer in the transforming power of truth and knowledge and I want to share the things that make life better for me with those I love.  I don't know of a single human being who wants to contribute to suffering or who wants to withhold something that could enrich and benefit the life of another.

Whether you are vegan or not you have at least one thing in your life that tugs at your heartstrings -- a passion that drives what you say, think, and do. It may be your faith or your grandchildren or your hobby. For others, it may be a cause that drives you to act on behalf of another living being, whether an unborn child, an abused animal, or a needy child in another country. Veganism just happens to be my passion.

Don't judge me for wanting something better for myself, the animals, and the planet. Don't judge my motive for sharing the knowledge I have acquired and the positive changes I have experienced as a result of this lifestyle change. My purpose is not to offend or condemn anyone, but rather to share a message of non-violence, encourage greater compassion, and provide information which will result in better health for those I love.

Because I care,

Dee Dee

Copyright 2016 by Dee Dee Wike and Joy Wike. All rights reserved.

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