Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Easter Reflection

“He was oppressed and afflicted . . . led like a lamb to the slaughter” (Isaiah 53:7).

While reading my devotions this morning this verse jumped off the page as never before.  I've always known that Christ suffered horrific abuse and an even worse death when He was crucified for our sins. I've always heard Him identified as the Lamb of God.  But until this Easter, my first as a vegan, I've never quite caught the analogy of Him being "led like a lamb to the slaughter."

It has always been difficult for me to imagine how it must have felt, humanly-speaking, to be scourged, whipped, and beaten as Christ was. But having seen the abuse and atrocities that are heaped upon factory farmed animals before and during their slaughter to satisfy our fleshly cravings, it is not quite so hard to imagine the intense suffering of my Savior to pay the price for my sins.

No animal deserves to suffer and die for any man, yet the Son of God willingly went to the Cross, as a lamb to slaughter, to redeem all mankind from our sins.  This Easter I pray that we all will take into account the suffering and passion of our Savior and endeavor to live with compassion toward all His creatures, both human and non-human. I pray that those who have never received Christ's offer of salvation will open their hearts and enter into the most satisfying personal relationship they will ever know.

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