Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Happy Ending

Recently Joy and I attended a volunteer day at Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary in Providence, NC.  This was our second visit to the refuge -- our first to their new location -- and we were eager to see some of the animals who had been rescued in recent months and check up on two very special piglets, Cruz and his sister Coral, who is recovering from a very complicated surgery.

Chris and Dee Dee at Ziggy's Refuge
Every animal at Ziggy's Refuge has a story.  Take Chris, for instance.  This precious baby jumped from a truck which was headed to a slaughter house.  He knew his only chance at survival was to jump from that truck, even if it resulted in his injury or death.  Luckily for him, refuge owners Kristin and Jay were quick to come to his rescue and give him the happily ever after he deserves.

Chris is just one of many success stories​ at the refuge.  Like the other farm animals living there Chris has a distinct personality and exhibits understanding and intelligence.  His affection is is irresistible and endearing.

Getting to know Chris, Ziggy, Sweetheart, Toby, Mr. Jingles, Elvis the cow, Max the donkey, and all the other residents of Ziggy's Refuge has given me all the reason I need to never again eat meat.  I am blessed to have made the connection.  Their happy endings have become my happy beginning...of a life filled with purpose, better health, and peace.  It is my prayer that others will make the connection and realize that animals are not mere commodities but rather sentient beings who just want to live and be loved.

Joy and Sweetheart

Dee Dee and Ziggy


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