Thursday, June 22, 2017

Be the Change

Life has been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to reflect on all that has been going on, nurture my dreams, or give myself to the causes that matter most to me. Like you, I feel each day passes more quickly than the one before and I am robbed of the opportunity to work for positive change. As much as I love to write I find it difficult to carve out the time necessary to do so. Between working, running a household, and squeezing in my daily quiet time and workout there isn't time to do much else.  Every now and then I find it necessary to permit myself to simply exist instead of pushing myself to do more.

But all is not lost. Even though we may feel stretched beyond our limits we can do more simply by living according to our convictions. For instance, although I might not have the time or resources to more fully participate in the vegan causes near and dear to my heart I can donate money and at least eat and live to promote a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle. On those days when I cannot find the time to exercise I can at least eat nutritiously. Though I cannot change the government's stance on climate change or the animal abuse and pollution rampant in factory farming I can do my part to effect positive change by sharing with others what I am learning about the impact of factory farming on our environment and by choosing to leave meat off my plate.

"Be the change you want to see" has become a motto to live by for many of us. Actions truly do speak louder than words, and how we choose to live has the power to change the world, for better or for worse.

The choice to abstain from eating animals has not won me any popularity contests. On the other hand it has caused animosity between me and members of my own family and some of my closest friends. My desire that they experience better health and greater happiness will never be enough to persuade them to trade in barbecue and fried chicken for broccoli and chickpeas, but I hope the positive changes they see in me as I continue this journey will eventually cause them to wonder if perhaps I am onto something.

The feeling that there is truly so little we can do in a world that is so wrong can be overwhelming at times. But it needn't be if we will simply remember to "be the change we want to see."

Copyright 2017 by Dee Dee Wike and Joy Wike. All rights reserved.

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