Friday, July 28, 2017

In My Dreams

There are times when we will dream something, and when we wake up we've forgotten what it was we dreamed about.  This is not the case for what I dreamed about last night.

It was sort of a strange dream, and for once, I felt like I was in the center, or focus, of the dream. In the dream, I was vocal, very emotional, and had my struggles. And it all started when a huge (way bigger than a normal sized seal) seal washed up on a beach....

People instantly started flocking to the seal, which was alive I might add. I was stunned, but quickly started to say "no, no, no..." Next thing I know, I'm running to get to the seal. I quickly stepped up for the seal, protecting it from the crowd of onlookers. The crowd of people wanted to do something to the seal. They didn't want to help it return to the ocean, but use the seal for their own personal gain.

I believe dusk had fallen when I gave my big, emotional speech in an effort to persuade the people to save the seal. I'm a quiet person, but in my dream, while giving the speech, I was loud, vocal, emotional, and there was such a passion in my voice. I remember talking about how humans mistreat all kinds of animals for their own selfish reasons.

I think the next thing I did in the dream was start researching and looking at maps. I had to find the right channel/area of water in order to get the seal back to the ocean. I was trying so hard to figure out how to return this seal to the ocean. Eventually, my mother came to me and said that it just wasn't going to happen. It looked like there was no hope, or way, of returning the seal to the ocean. I became so sad and disappointed. Tears started to flow from my eyes.

The next thing I know, I'm on the beach at the seal's side. A look of sadness and anguish was upon the animal's face. I was trying to comfort the seal, and I was most likely crying as well. In truth, I don't know if the seal ever made it back to the ocean. But I believe I saw it swimming in the water. At the end of the dream I think I was happy and had a sense of accomplishment. This leads me to believe the seal returned to the place where it belonged, the sea.

            I think I dreamed this because yesterday I thought about a painting I want to create. One of the most emotional and heart-wrenching acts of animal cruelty I've seen on video is seal hunting. A man going after a baby seal with a club, while the mother seal chases behind the man. The mother seal sniffing the bloody carcass of her pup after it's been clubbed and it's skin has been peeled right off. I really want to create a painting of this because it's been on my mind for so long now. Hopefully one day I will.

"Human beings are great in their own eyes, but are not much in the eyes of nature.   -- Kensho Furuya"
          ~ Joy

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