Saturday, March 3, 2018

Do You Really Want That Piece of Cake?

Recently I attended a church dinner with my husband.  Church dinners are not typically vegan-friendly affairs so I ate dinner before I went.  Passing up a plate of pork loin and mashed potatoes was not a big deal for me. I had only to consider the faces of some animal friends to be okay with my choice to abstain from the main course.  However, the homemade rolls and apple cake were very tempting, as was the desire to break bread with friends. The rolls were certainly meatless and possibly even made without eggs or milk, as bread often is, though I couldn't know for sure. But I knew the cake was a big no-no because it was surely made with milk, eggs, and butter.  I must confess, in a moment of weakness I caved -- to the curious glances and questions of my fellow dinner partners, and the justification to myself that as a former vegetarian I wouldn't hesitate to turn down that piece of cake. 

Don't judge me.  I've already judged myself.  And my body certainly didn't let me off easy! After nearly 22 months of abstaining from all animal products -- including dairy and eggs -- the cake, as delicious as it was and as badly as I thought I wanted it, nearly made me sick to my stomach.  Live and learn -- or better said, learn and live.

Last night as I sat down to a completely vegan, cruelty-free meal, I once more savored not only the taste of something really delicious and nourishing but also the feeling of complete satisfaction -- not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Temptation comes in many forms, but from now on my choice will be the apple rather than the apple cake!

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