Blogger Bios

Dee Dee and Joy Wike are a mother and daughter and the best of friends. They currently reside on Virginia's middle peninsula, surrounded by natural beauty and many species of wildlife.

Dee Dee is a working mom and published author of three devotional books.  In her spare time she enjoys bird-watching, sitting by the river, and writing.  Because of her deep faith in God she desires to be a good steward of all His blessings, including her health.

Joy is an intelligent young woman whose interests include history, art, and good food. Through her high school studies in biology, earth science, and health, Joy has learned much about the role diet and exercise play in ensuring good health. She has also come to realize that the environmental changes that are occurring now will have a significant impact on her generation and that there are things that she can do to effect positive change.

After stumbling across some documentaries about animal agriculture and the effects of a meat-based diet on our bodies and our environment, Joy became the driving force of this journey by sharing her discoveries with her mom.  Together they have embarked on a journey of study and self-discovery, striving to improve their health and make a positive difference by changing to a whole, plant-based food diet.